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DIY Watchmaking Kit | Vintage Dress Watch - silver dial with date function
diy watch club - miyota case back
DIY Watchmaking Kit | Vintage Dress Watch - silver dial with date function
DIY WATCH CLUB watchmaking kit
DIY WATCH CLUB watchmaking kit
DIY WATCH CLUB watchmaking kit  - with tools

DIY Watchmaking Kit | Mosel with Date - Silver Vintage Dress Watch w/ Miyota 8215 or 8315

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DIY Watchmaking Kit | Vintage Dress Watch - DWC-Mosel Series Details:

A DIY watch kit for those who love classic vintage dress watches. Adorned with metal applied-indices, a beautiful domed sunray dial and Acrylite 8N / K1 glass vintage domed crystal, this is a beautiful daily driver with a nice vintage vibe.

The DIY kit includes:

  • Complete components of one 38.5mm dress mechanical watch 

    Watch Case: Mosel series 38.5mm 316L stainless steel case (Acrylite 8N / K1 glass) - 3ATM
    Case Back: High Domed Exhibition case back (Acrylite 8N / K1 glass)
    Movement Holder: Movement holder for Miyota 8 series
    Watch Crown:
    Standard Mosel watch crown with logo
    Watch dial: Domed sunray dial with applied indices and 6 o'clock date window
    Hands: Mosel series Silver Watch Hands (3 hands) - (Pack of 2)
    Movement: Miyota 8215 (Made in Japan)
    Strap: Sarto Straps - Umber (20mm)
  • Watchmaking Tools (With Nylon Tool Bag)

  • Complete video instructions in 3 languages (English, Cantonese and Mandarin)

Time required:120~ mins (Simply enjoy the watchmaking process at your own pace)

Mod potential:★★★ (movement, dial, hands)

Challenging Level : ★★★★

K1 Hardened Glass vs Acrylite 8N:

Our Mosel case comes in 2 variants, one with K1 glass and the other with Acrylite 8N. Acrylite 8N is a high-quality acrylic that will give you the most authentic vintage look, while K1 glass will offer a balance between the vintage vibe and practicality as it is much harder than acrylic and offers a vastly improved anti-scratch capability (even better than other mineral crystal watches).

K1 glass vs Acrylic crystal for a vintage watch

Our K1 glass Mosel case variant is also decorated with brushed/polished hybrid finishing for a more premium, sophisticated look.


Upgrade your movement to a Miyota 8315 movement to enjoy:

  • 60-hour power reserve (a considerable upgrade from 8215's 42-hour power reserve). This means you can take your watch off for the whole weekend and your watch will still be running on Monday.
  • Hack-second or stop-second feature allows you to set the time precisely
  • Heat blued steel screws decoration
  • Côtes de Genève movement finish 
DIY WATCH CLUB - MIYOTA 8315 movement upgrade

Modding suggestions:

DIY WATCH CLUB - Miyota custom rotor

A Miyota made original rotor customized by us. A perfect icing on the cake for the watch you assembled yourself or a Seiko Mod you are proud of. Best paired with an exhibition case back. Design your custom rotor with us