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Collection: Learn about watches: Adjusting your mechanical watch and movement accuracy

  • Exhibition case back showing Seiko NH35's balance wheel
  • Did you know that sometimes all it takes to repair a mechanical watch that's running fast, is a simple 20-second de-magnetization process with a less than US$ 40 tool?

    Mechanical watches are beautiful crafts. They are not only mesmerizing to look at, but also an awesome innovation that turns springs and gear trains into a time-telling device. Learn how to regulate your watch to the accuracy that you desire with our free video guides below and the testing equipment we curate.

    Most movements (Seiko, Miyota for example) ship with a less than 45 seconds per day guarantee. If you have a healthy movement, you can easily shoot for a less than 15 seconds per day deviation. Gain a new level of knowledge about mechanical watches and upgrade the spec of the watches you own today :)

Featured video guides:

How to regulate your mechanical watch with a timegrapher (and without!)

How to fix a watch that's magnetized (running fast most of the time)

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  • Multifunction Timegrapher
    Multifunction Timegrapher for Automatic movement tuning
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  • Watch Demagnetizer
    Demagnetizer for automatic watches (with video instructions)
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