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Collection: Gift guide - Finding the best gift for a watch lover

Best gift for him. Couple watch DIY kit with all components, tools and step-by-step video instructions.

The best watch gift you can give.

Better than just a gift watch for him. Seiko movement GMT DIY watchmaking kit with all components, premium tools and step-by-step video instructions.

Impressive tool kit with premium components

DIY gift watch set for him. Premium at-home watchmaking experience with professional tools, premium components and quality step-by-step video guide

Build yourself a beautiful dive watch

A watch lover's perfect gift. A complete at-home DIY watch kit with flame bluing experience. Heat blued steel hands for your DIY dress watch.

Experiencial gift for the tinkerers

  • Vintage dress watch as a gift
  • The BEST watch gift?

    Buying a watch as a gift can be confusing. Getting the wrong model (or even variants of the same model) can mean the difference between a watch that stays with him for the rest of his life or one that ends up in the drawer after a few weeks. Whether you end up getting a watch gift from us or not, I hope we can provide some useful tips and make your decision easier.

    The case for a mechanical watch

    Or any non-smart watches, really. Don't get me wrong, many of us own smartwatches. But smartwatches are like any other tech gadget; they usually become obsolete after 1 year. I wear my smartwatch to work, and my dive computer to dive. But on weekends, I'm still wearing that good old mechanical diver that means something to me.

  • Choosing the right "type" of watch

    This is very important. There are infinite options out there but most watch lovers would enjoy one of these three: Dive watches, Pilot/Military watches (think EDC), and Dress watches

    Out of these three, divers as gift watches are generally the safest, as Rolex has done a great job in marketing in the recent years ;) Pilot/Military watches work well for those who love blades, flashlights, and all things EDC, and dress watches work best for those who enjoy a refined, minimalist look.

    If you are not sure, divers can't go wrong. If he has small wrists, sports watches can be quite a safe option as well.

  • Main watch style options for gifting
  • Classic dive watch with a sapphire dial; perfect gift for those who likes dive watches but wants a little bit of a conservative twist
  • Choosing the right color and style...

    With over 15k watches sold and thousands of customer feedback, we can confidently tell you the key to the right combo: go slightly conservative, then give them something more exotic to mod with.

    This sapphire diver set is one of our best-performing gift sets. It works for a few reasons: it is a very well-regarded dive watch design in a conservative colorway. The sapphire dial makes this a welcomed departure for all the regular divers in the market, but not too different that it becomes a "risk".

    Remember, we want something that he's always wanted, but not a cheap imitation of his dream watch. The best mechanical watch gift will always have a place in his collection and shall never be replaced.

    Add a rubber/nylon strap with sharper color, then you have both an outstanding gift and a familiar well-desired look :)

  • The real value behind watches.

    Some watches gain more "wrist time" usually because of two reasons.

    The 1st reason: a good conversation starter. These watches are usually difficult to obtain, as they are usually either rare watches, or they went through rare stories (watches that took a bullet in the Vietnam war, for example). Our DIY watches, on the other hand, by default are great conversation starters. Simple statements like "Dude I built this", or "did you know aligning these watch hands can be very difficult" can spark very enjoyable conversations

    The 2nd reason: the sense of value to the wearer. Some watches bring a sense of "monetary value" to the wearer by looking expensive, but our watches bring something more beautiful. Do a quick search for our YouTube reviews then you'll notice that YouTubers talk about our watches with such a sense of pride, more so than many other luxury watches in their collection, as the DIY watch experience sets them apart from other collectors that merely own watches, they now really know watches.

  • DIY Gift set with all watch components, tools and step by step video instructions


Research has shown that the "Open box experience" can be as important as the gift itself.

Our pro-tool box is designed with that in mind and is guaranteed to make an impression when that box is opened. If you are considering other watches in the market, remember to check the packaging conditions. Most Seiko / Microbrand watches come in a small paper box; we'd recommend purchasing a watch roll or a watch travel case to make a stronger impression. If budget is not an issue, you can also consider watch-winders.

Watch making kit gift set

DIY watches... is it difficult?

With over 15 thousand successes and a higher than 99.95% success rate, we have confidence that the watch will be built successfully. We are now the #1 provider of such kits and teaching materials, so rest assured that our step-by-step video tutorial will make the DIY process very enjoyable :)

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    A GMT Bronze Diver - DIY WATCH CLUB watchmaking kit
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    DIY Watch Gift for a couple watch experience. Mosel silver vintage dress watch w/ Miyota movement
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    [Editor's Gift Pick] Our skeleton dive watch kit with the sapphire dial
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    diy watch club watchmaking kit - coke gmt diver set
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    DIY Watch Gift Set for Pilot Watch Lovers and EDC
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  • DIY Watch Gift for a couple watch experience. Blue Dial Skeleton vintage dress watch w/ Miyota 8N24
    DIY Watch Gift for a couple watch experience. Blue Dial Skeleton vintage dress watch w/ Miyota 8N24
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  • Advanced Watchmaking Gift Set for Vintage Watch Lovers | Learn watch assembly and steel bluing with flame
    DIY WATCH CLUB - flame bluing watchmaking kit
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