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Shipping Info, Rates & Recommendations

Shipping Info, Rates & Recommendations

Dear customers, we remain fully operational during this period and orders will be fulfilled. And we made some changes to the shipping arrangements to adapt to the COVID-19 situation.

General Information
- We usually need 2-3 business days to prepare and pack your order for mailing.
- Local delivery, within Hong Kong, will take 1 to 2 days. 
- Duration of overseas delivery depends on the shipping option you choose, more information below. 

Express shipping by Fedex or DHL express 

- Usually 4 to 7 days, with tracking number
- Faster & safer, recommended for high value orders
- Status update is prompt & delay is extremely rare

Process for Delayed Shipment
- If you experience any delays or suspect that your parcel might be misplaced, please contact us for assistance. 
- We will engage Fedex or DHL express to investigate the status of parcel.
- After investigation concludes parcel is lost, Buyer can choose a full refund or get a replacement.
- Duration of investigation u
sually takes 1-3 days; and investigation can start any time.