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[BEST DEAL] Lucky Bag - Expedition Watch DIY kit with complete tools and components

[BEST DEAL] Lucky Bag - Expedition Watch DIY kit with complete tools and components

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*The black bag in the picture is NOT included

DIY Watch Club Lucky Bag - Expedition Series! 

Likely the best deal ever for a DIY Watch Kit in the internet :)

Introducing our 2024 NEW Lucky Bag! A unique blend of excitement and craftsmanship that's perfect for watch enthusiasts and novices alike. Each of these lucky bags will include a full watchmaking experience. Take one with you, find a relaxing afternoon, in around 2 hour's time you'll be wearing a mechanical dive watch that you built yourself!

Each lucky bag will include a pseudo-random selection of components (we will make sure your watch has matching components). The selection will change over time; be prepared for pleasant surprises :)

What's Inside? Unbox the thrill of watchmaking with a comprehensive kit that includes:

  • All Essential Watchmaking Tools: Precision is key, and our Lucky Bag provides you with a curated set of tools to bring your vision to life.
  • Tutorial Card: Complete video instructions  (3 Languages - English, Cantonese and Mandarin) 
  • Expedition Watch Components: A complete set of 38mm Expedition watch components, including the Seiko movement, expedition hands with lume, expedition case set, chapter ring, dial & strap(lug size: 20mm). 

Unveil the Mystery: But here's the twist—with a 20% chance of receiving a stunning sapphire crystal case, an enchanting skeleton diver, a GMT watch or a nice mesh band bracelet, your Lucky Bag promises a truly exceptional timepiece. All this for an unbeatable price of US$199 (US$179 with NO tools), saving you up to 30-50% off the regular retail value!

Time required:120~ mins (Simply enjoy the watchmaking process at your own pace)

Mod potential:★★★★ (movement, dial, hands, and chapter ring compatible with DWC diver watches)

Challenging Level : ★★★★

Challenging Level : ★★ (With the new second hand installation tool. Details below)


This dive watch is partially compatible with Seiko Mods. For detail please check out our blog post here:

Modding suggestions:

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