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DIY Watch Club Luming Kit (Nemoto SuperLume formula C3 and BGW9)
DIY Watch Club Luming Kit (Nemoto SuperLume formula C3 and BGW9)

DIY Watch Club Luming Kit (Nemoto SuperLume formula C3 and BGW9)

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Luming kit - Japan C3 and BGW9 SuperLume 

Working together with ex-engineers from Tritec and Nemoto, we created this lume kit that is unlike anything you've seen in the market. This kit includes everything you need to achieve the brightest lume possible with the given pigment. 

This Japan Superlume kit includes pigments with the Nemoto formula. We've achieved near Swiss-Superluminova X1 performance with these powders, so you should be very pleased with the performance. Watches utilizing the same pigment has also achieved ISO3157 requirements (luminous intensity measured for 12 hours, sufficient intensity for 370+ minutes)

Thinner is not included in the package as we cannot ship dangerous goods. The premixed compound included allows you to mix without thinner, and the kit is fully functional without thinner. But if you want extra performance, you can get your own thinner (specifically lacquer thinner) from local hardware stores or online..

Luming kit content:

  • Lume powder (Japanese C3 lume / Japanese BGW9 lume)

  • Binder

  • Compound for quick mix with lume powder

  • Oiler

  • Mixing dish with cover

  • Electronic balance

  • UV flashlight

  • Tweezers

  • Rodico

  • Toothpick

  • Foam block

  •  Complete video instructions (English ONLY)

How to lume hands and dial: 

In this video, we’ll outline every step involved in the luming process, from getting the ingredients required, to how to prepare the lume compound, and finally to the proper application of the lume compound onto the hands and dials.