Top hat sapphire double dome case for seiko mod
Seiko Mod case with exhibition case back
Seiko Mod case with Box dome / High dome sapphire crystal
42mm DWC Diver Case - Knurled Bezel variant - Stainless Steel - Top Hat Sapphire Double Dome (DWC-CD-01)

42mm DWC Diver Case - Knurled Bezel variant - Stainless Steel - Top Hat Sapphire Double Dome (DWC-CD-01)

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This diver case set is designed for our DWC D01 diver kits. If you are looking for a complete component kit without the tools, you can find it here

Key specifications:
- Water resistance: 20ATM (actual water resistance will depend on assembly quality)
- Case size: 41.5mm X ~15mm (thickness includes box domed sapphire)
- Lug width: 22mm
- Lug to lug: 47.5mm
- Material: SS316L
- Finish: Brushed finish with polished profile highlights
- Crystal: Top Hat Sapphire Double dome crystal (Box dome/High dome crystal) with 5-layer colorless AR coating
- Screw-down crown

Set includes:
- Case with Top Hat Sapphire Double Dome crystal installed
- Exhibition case back with mineral crystal
- Crown with stem installed (compatible with Seiko7S26, NH35, NH36, NH35a, NH36a, NE15, 4R36, and 6R15 / Miyota 8 Series Movements)
- Knurled thin profile bezel installed (can be easily removed with a watch case knife)
- Gasket for water seal
- Chapter ring
- Movement holder for compatible movements


Fits Models: DWC D01

Additional components required for a complete dive watch:
- Watch dial matching your movement (dial diameter 28.5mm, thickness 0.4-0.45mm)
- Handsets matching your movement
- TMI NH35 or other compatible movements
- Compatible bezel inserts


This could be one of the best top-hat / box-domed double dome crystal mod for Seiko mod.

Complete case swap: SNZF Urchin

Bezel: compatible with Seiko SKX and 5KX (SRPDXXX) bezels

Chapter ring, case back, crystal, crown, and stem: not compatible

Movement, dial, and hand assembly: compatible with Seiko SKX and 5KX (SRPDXXX) with 3 o'clock modification

For detail compatibility guide: