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diy watch club watchmaking kit - white coke gmt dive watch . diver with seiko nh34 movement
diy watch club - white coke gmt lume shot
DIY WATC CLUB - GMT diver with stainless steel bracelet - NH34 seiko movement
DIY Watch Club Seiko GMT Watch Hand Install Setting Tools for Seiko GMT movements (TMI NH34, Seiko 4R34)
White dial "Coke" Diver Dress GMT Watch Kit | Stainless Stain Bracelet | Ceramic Red-Black GMT Bezel | DWC-D03
White dial "Coke" Diver Dress GMT Watch Kit | Stainless Stain Bracelet | Ceramic Red-Black GMT Bezel | DWC-D03
DIY WATCH CLUB - Pro tools box. watchmaking kit
DIY WATCH CLUB - Pro tools box. watchmaking kit
DIY WATCH CLUB - Pro tools box. watchmaking kit

White dial "Coke" Diver Dress GMT Watch Kit | Stainless Stain Bracelet | Ceramic Red-Black GMT Bezel | DWC-D03

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Silver white watch face "Coke" Red-Black GMT (Seiko - Mechanical) with stainless steel bracelet

The legendary "Coke" GMT with a mechanical Seiko NH34 GMT movement (a.k.a. Seiko 4R34). This one has a twist: a silver-plated white sandwich dial with contrast-colored watch hands.

A GMT complication is a very well-sought-after feature of modern-day Dress-Dive watches. The extra GMT hand with color highlight brings about a premium upgrade to the trendy dive watch. The brushed silver sandwich dial along with the stainless steel bracelet further upgrades the overall look and feel of this watch.

Want the best office watch with the adventurous spirit of the explorers? Look no further than these beautiful GMT's.

The DIY kit includes:

  • Complete components of one 41mm GMT Diver series mechanical watch 

    Watch Case: DWC Diver series 41mm 316L stainless steel case (Sapphire Dome - 20ATM) 
    Case Back: Exhibition case back (Mineral Crystal)
    Chapter Ring: Brushed silver chapter ring with black marking (TMI NH Series)
    Movement Holder: MH-DI-NH (TMI NH Series)
    Coin Edge thin profile silver bezel
    Click Spring: unidirectional 120-click
    Bezel Insert:
    Diver Ceramic Coke GMT Bezel Insert (Black & Red - Type B)
    Watch Crown:
    CN-DI-01 Screw-down dive watch crown (Stem pre-assembled for TMI NH Series)
    Watch dial: DWC D03 Matt Silver Sandwich Lume Dial for TMI NH35 (BGW9 Lume)
    Hands: PVD Diver Hands with Japan BGW9 Superlume (TMI NH Series) 
    Red GMT hand (24 hours hand) with C2 lume
    Movement: TMI NH34 GMT movement by Seiko
    Strap: DIY Watch Club Stainless Steel Bracelet (Lite / Regular options) - Lug size: 22mm
  • Watchmaking tool options - GMT hand installation tool is included in every GMT set:
    • Basic tools with cardboard box 
    • DWC professional watchmaker tools with Box upgrade
    • No tools - for those who already have watch repair tools. Please make sure you have hand removal tools and hand-setting tools (usually not included in watch repair kits)
  • Complete video instructions (English, Cantonese & Mandarin)

Time required:120~ mins (Simply enjoy the watchmaking process at your own pace)

Mod potential:★★★

Challenging Level : ★★★★★ (Hand installation will be more challenging than regular 3-hand watch installation)


Our stainless steel watch bracelet comes in two variants: the lite version and the regular version. There are mainly two differences:

1: Our regular version of the stainless steel band is constructed from solid links while the lite version is made from hollow links.

2: Our regular version of the stainless steel band features screw-in links for easy adjustment, while the lite version will require a separate tool (included in the kit) for length adjustment


DIY Watch Club - Watchmaking tool - Profession Tools box setThis is our Pro Tool Kit, a DWC in-house design from top to bottom. This is a lot more than a mere step up from standard Amazon watch-making tools; it is a collection of tools we designed and crafted to give you the best watchmaking experience possible.

And in watchmaking, just like many other crafts, the quality of the tools does affect the quality of the outcome.

Learn more about it here: What Makes a Good Watchmaking Tool


This dive watch is partially compatible with Seiko Mods. For detail please check out our blog post here:


DIY WATCH CLUB - Custom Rotor for seiko NH35, NH34

A Seiko made original rotor with Côtes de Genève finish, customized by us. A perfect icing on the cake for the watch you assembled yourself or a mod you are proud of. Best paired with an exhibition case back. Design your custom rotor