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DIY WATCH CLUB - Blue skeleton watch with miyota 8N24
DIY WATCH CLUB - Mosel series skeleton watch  (With miyota movement)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Black Nylon bag)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Black Nylon bag)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Pro tools box set in wooden box)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Pro tools box set in wooden box)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Pro tools box set in wooden box)

DIY Watchmaking Kit | Mosel series - Blue Dial Skeleton vintage dress watch w/ Miyota 8N24

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DIY Watchmaking Kit | Vintage Dress Watch - DWC-Mosel Series Details:

A DIY watch kit for those who like skeleton dress watches. A domed sunray skeleton dial lets you enjoy the inner working of the tried and true Miyota mechanical movement. Acrylite 8N / K1 glass vintage domed crystal on both the front and the back allows us to slim down the profile of the watch significantly so you can enjoy an elegant mechanical vintage timepiece. 

The DIY kit includes:

  • Complete components of one 38.5mm dress mechanical watch 

    Watch Case: Mosel series 38.5mm 316L stainless steel case (Acrylite 8N / K1 glass) - 3ATM
    Case Back: High Domed Exhibition case back (Acrylite 8N / K1 glass)
    Movement Holder: Movement holder for Miyota 8 series
    Watch Crown:
    Standard Mosel watch crown with logo
    Watch dial: Mosel series - Blue Skeleton Dial
    Hands: 2 sets of thin simplistic polished hands with lume - Silver (2 Hands)
    Movement: Silver - Miyota 8N24 (Made in Japan)
    Strap: DIY Watch Club Classic Strap - Black (20mm)
  • Watchmaking tool options:
    • Standard tools with Cardboard toolbox or Black nylon tool bag
    • DWC professional watchmaker tools with Box upgrade
    • No tools - for those who already have watch repair tools. Please make sure you have hand removal tools and hand-setting tools (usually not included in watch repair kits)
  • Complete video instructions in 3 languages (English, Cantonese and Mandarin)

Time required:120~ mins (Simply enjoy the watchmaking process at your own pace)

Mod potential:★★★ (movement, dial, hands)

Challenging Level : ★★★★

K1 Hardened Glass vs Acrylite 8N:

Our Mosel case comes in 2 variants, one with K1 glass and the other with Acrylite 8N. Acrylite 8N is a high-quality acrylic that will give you the most authentic vintage look, while K1 glass will offer a balance between the vintage vibe and practicality as it is much harder than acrylic and offers a vastly improved anti-scratch capability (even better than other mineral crystal watches).

K1 glass vs Acrylic crystal for a vintage watch

Our K1 glass Mosel case variant is also decorated with brushed/polished hybrid finishing for a more premium, sophisticated look.

Modding suggestions:

DIY WATCH CLUB - Miyota custom rotor

A Miyota made original rotor customized by us. A perfect icing on the cake for the watch you assembled yourself. Best paired with an exhibition case back. Design your custom rotor with us