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DIY WATCH CLUB - Stainless steel bracelet - silver
DIY WATCH CLUB - Stainless steel bracelet - silver BACK
DIY WATCH CLUB - Stainless steel bracelet - for diver (Dive watch)
DIY WATCH CLUB - Stainless steel bracelet - silver with rose gold bezel insert diver

DIY Watch Club Stainless Steel Bracelet [DIVE and Expedition series ONLY] - With Endlink

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DWC Dive Watches & Expedition Watches ONLY. 
Not compatible with F-01 and Mosel series.

DIY Watch Club Dive and Expedition stainless steel bracelet.

This brushed stainless steel watch strap features curved end pieces that fit our dive and expedition series.

 Maximum Comfort

Its micro-adjustment mechanism at the clasp allows you to precisely adjust this bracelet to conform to your wrist.

Ready to Go

Fold-over deployment clasp with release buttons and safety lock to facilitate quick and safe wearing.

No More Flimsy Movement

Engineered with 304L (Lite edition) & 316L (Regular edition) stainless steel, each metal link is securely connected while the bracelet maintains a smoothness as it bends to follow your wrist perfectly.


Compatibility* Only available for DIY WATCH CLUB watch series

22mm: DIY WATCH CLUB Diver series

20mm: DIY WATCH CLUB Expedition Watch series


*The regular version comes with solid links and screw pins, while the lite variant is equipped with hollow links secured by straight pins.


Our stainless steel watch bracelet comes in two variants: the lite version and the regular version. There are mainly two differences:

1: Our regular version of the stainless steel band is constructed from solid links while the lite version is made from hollow links.

2: Our regular version of the stainless steel band features screw-in links for easy adjustment, while the lite version will require a separate tool (included in the kit) for length adjustment

Feel free to check out the following youtube video