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Collection: Featured Watchmaking Experiences

Install your steel blue hands onto your very own vintage watch

Your own watch with hands blued by yourself

Full flame bluing experience with all tools and full video guide

All tools included, with full video instruction

Flame blue steel hands for watch

Experience the thermal bluing craft

If you appreciate the craft of watchmaking, you will definitely enjoy these experiences selected by our editors. 

Imagine this: the watch on your wrist is a result of your craftsmanship. The watch assembled, the movement regulated, the watch hands blued to perfection and set beautifully by you. You no longer look at watches just by the value of the brand, or what everyone else is talking about; you now appreciate the intricate crafts and efforts that go behind different timepieces that you and your friends own.

This is what we enjoy daily and we want to share this with you :)

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  • DIY Flame Blue Hands + Watchmaking Kit | Mosel Series Edition
    DIY WATCH CLUB - Flame bluing watchmaking kit
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  • DIY Watch Club Flame Bluing Kit for watch hands
    DIY WATCH CLUB - flame blue kit with tools
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