6BAR / 6 ATM water resistant tester for watches
Testing your watch for water resistance. Video instruction included

Water Pressure Tester 6 bar / 6 ATM

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Water-resistance testing up to 6 ATM

Water pressure tester for testing water resistance rating of the watch. Designed to minimize water intrusion and reveal points of leakage. Can test up to 2 watches at the same time.

Water Pressure Tester Details: 

  • Pressure capacity: 6 bar
  • Pressure gauge display in two measurements: MPa and kg/cm2 (1 bar is equivalent to 0.1MPa)
  • Test capacity: up to 2 watches at the same time
  • Chamber inner dimension: diameter 7cm x height 14cm 
  • Package dimension: 27cm x 17.6cm x 31.2cm
  • Manual pumping

How to check if your watch is water-resistant with the water pressure tester.