DIY WATCH CLUB - Seiko NH35 - with black date function
DIY Watch Club - black date seiko nh35 movement

TMI NH35 Movement by Seiko - With 3 o'clock Date Function (Black date)

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Seiko NH35 automatic movement description

A reliable movement from TMI (Seiko) with date function

Key specifications:

  • Up to 41+ hours of power reserve
  • BPH: 21600
  • Accuracy: -20~+40 sec per day
  • Hack-second or stop-second feature allows you to set the time precisely
  • 24 Jewels
  • Function: 3 Hands, Automatic and hand winding (With date function - Black date)
  • Diameter: 27.40 mm


Our DWC Divers and Expedition watches have variants that utilize this movement. Please check their product description before purchasing the movement

NH35 movements have date function but not day function (Monday, Tuesday, etc). If you want both DAY and DATE you will need NH36

This movement is compatible with most Seiko watches with date function.