Seiko NH34A (aka 4R34) GMT movement with plastic holder. An automatic GMT movement by TMI that is compatible with Seiko 5 Sports GMT movement

TMI NH34 / NH34A Movement by Seiko - Compatible with 4R34 movement

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A Seiko GMT movement - the workhorse for an automatic GMT watch.

A reliable movement from TMI with date function and a 2nd hour function (also known as GMT function). NH34 is currently the most affordable GMT automatic movement, and a near identical version is powering the Seiko Sports 5 GMT.

Key specifications:

  • Caliber number: Seiko NH34A (aka NH34 or 4R34)
  • Up to 41+ hours of power reserve
  • Movement type: automatic
  • Frequency/Vibrations per hour: 21600 bph
  • Accuracy: -20~+40 sec per day
  • Hack-second or stop-second feature allows you to set the time precisely
  • 24 Jewels
  • Function: 4 Hands including a 2nd hour hand for GMT function, automatic and manual winding, date function
  • Winding Direction: Clockwise
  • Diameter: 27.40 mm


NH34A and NH35A share the same outer dimensions. Therefore NH34A can replace existing NH35A movements as a GMT upgrade to the watch, you will need a GMT compatible dial & an NH34 compatible GMT watch hand, or you'll most probably need two small modifications to the watch assembly process. Please refer to Seiko Mod Compatibility of NH34A vs NH35A for more details.