DWC UV365nm UV flashlight
DIY Watch Club UV flashlight for lume shot
DWC UV Flashlight for Lume shot
White light UV flashlight for lume shot
Charging lume with colorless UV flashlight

DWC UV Flashlight for Lume shot

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UV flashlight for charing lume and glow in the dark watch photoshoot

This compact UV flashlight is practically designed for lume shots. With the perfect beam profile and a colorless UV source, you can get your perfect glow-in-the-dark photoshoot without removing all the purple hue from your photos. The 10W source is also extremely efficient for lume charging

UV flashlight details: 

  • Package includes: 1x UV flashlight, 2x spare o-rings for water seal, 1x key-ring attachment
  • Battery required (not included); AAA
  • Aluminum T6061 flashlight body material
  • UV LED lifespan: >100,000 hours
  • IPX-8 water resistant
  • 1.5M drop impact resistant
  • UV main frequency: 365nm

Comparing DWC UV flashlight with other UV flashlights:

Colorless UV vs regular UV for lume shot