DIY Watch Club Luming Powder (Swiss Lume - Newlite EF formula blue)
Newlite Swiss Blue luming powder by Tritec
Newlite Swiss C3 luming powder by Tritec

Newlite Swiss Blue luming powder by Tritec

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Luming Powder - Swiss Tritec Newlite Blue lume 

This is the most economical Swiss-made Tritec formula luming powder. The same powder is utilized in Bergeon luming kits and watchmakers have had reliable results from this powder for its consistent performance. This lume powder is commonly utilized for relume works that require economical Swiss Lume.


Product code: Tritec Newlite BL
Quantity: 2g
Lume initial brightness: 4/10
Sustained performance: 4/10
Lume characteristic: Standard reliable luminous powder
Origin: Switzerland
Color code: BL
Body color: Blue
Emission: Blue

How to lume hands and dial: 

In this video, we’ll outline every step involved in the luming process, from getting the ingredients required, to how to prepare the lume compound, and finally to the proper application of the lume compound onto the hands and dials.