DIY Watch Club Flame Bluing Kit for watch hands
Thermally treating stainless steel blue hands with DIY Watch Club bluing kit
Full video instruction on how to flame blue your watch hands
Quenching stainless steel blue hands
Installing your own thermally blued hands onto your DIY watch
DIY Watch Club - flame bluing kit with tools and parts

DIY Watch Club Flame Bluing Kit for watch hands

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1st in the world | Bluing kit for steel hands, screws, and other watch components 

The complete thermal bluing kit with a full video step-by-step tutorial for an at-home watch hand bluing experience. The same kit can be used for blue screws, wheels, and other stainless steel components in a watch.

Combined with our DIY watch kits, you can create your own watches with watch hands you thermally blued. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Butane gas refill for butane torch not included in the kit. You can obtain it from your local hardware store or from Amazon.

Bluing kit content:

  • Bluing tray, stand, and table clamp
  • Brass filings
  • heat resistant mat
  • Torch (Butane gas not included)
  • Antimagnetic tweezer
  • Small piece of Rodico
  • Finger cots
  • Suede (Cleaning cloth)
  • Small glass container for part quenching
  • Components for bluing (Please choose the variant)
  • Stainless Steel Watch hands (second hands x 10, minute and hour hands x 5)

How to heat-treat your watch hands and screws (or other steel components) 

With the right setup, flame bluing is actually quite an enjoyable process. Check out our ~10-minute guide on how to create your very own heat treated blue hands.