DIY WATCH CLUB - Custom Rotor for Seiko mod & DWC diver
Screw driver for Seiko rotor change
DIY WATCH CLUB Custom Rotor for Seiko mod & DWC Seiko

Custom Rotor for Seiko mod & DWC Seiko watches - Silver

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This is a Seiko made original rotor with Côtes de Genève finish, customized by us. A perfect icing on the cake for the watch you assembled yourself or a Seiko Mod you are proud of. Best paired with an exhibition case back.

A specific type of screwdriver is required for Seiko Rotor replacement. Please consider including the optional screwdriver and check out the video below for more information.

The optional screwdriver is a specifically designed and CNC-machined screwdriver for rotor removal and installation (a required step to swap out the stock rotor). Using the right screwdriver for the job will prevent issues such as scratching and stripping of the rotor ballbearing screws. Available separately here.



Fits Movements: 7s26, 7s36, 4r36, 4r34, 7002, 7009, 6309, NH36, NH35, NH70, NH72, NH34 / NH34A

Seiko Mod Compatibility:

Most Seiko Automatic watches use the same rotor. If you are not sure about your particular Seiko watch, please feel free to email us.


Our website offers a custom rotor service where you can personalize your watch rotor with custom text or images, with the exception of trademarked images.