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NEW ARRIVAL - GMT Diver PVD Japan Superlume BGW9 Watch Hands & Yellow GMT hand (24 hours hand) with C2 lume- TMI NH34 (Pack of 2)

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A set of PVD hr, min (Japan Superlume - BGW9) with white body and a greenish blue glow and Blue GMT hand (24 hours hand) with C2 lume

- Compatible movement: TMI NH34 Series
- Hand length (Hr, Min, Sec): 9X13X13mm
- Japan Superlume - BGW9 (hr & min) & C2 (sec) lume


These luminous hands are designed for our GMT Diver diver kits. Second hands are broached to make hand installation easier.

Fits Models: DWC D01 (NH35 variant)
Fits Movements: 7s26, 7s36, 4r36, 7002, 7009, 6309, NH36


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