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[MONTHLY DESIGN] GMT Expedition Kit | GMT Sports Dress Watch | Seiko NH34 DWC-D04
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Pro tools box set in wooden box)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Pro tools box set in wooden box)
DY WATCH CLUB - Watchmaking tool set (Pro tools box set in wooden box)

[MONTHLY DESIGN] GMT Expedition Kit | GMT Sports Dress Watch | Seiko NH34 DWC-D04

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Your Everyday GMT Watch

GMT is one of the most sought-after complications in a mechanical watch.

It is simply... beautiful.

With just one additional watch hand, your watch can now tell time from 2 time zones. 

It is also now decorated with just the right amount of contrasting color, separating itself from all the other 3-hand watches in the market.

A complication that carries the spirit of explorers, keeps the watch design clean, and tastefully adds a color pop to a watch that is otherwise a bit mundane to some.

This classic combo of a stainless steel case with a dress dial highlights the importance of detail in watch design. The contrast polishing of the watch case and defined corners of the metal applied lume indices, all work together to subtly command respect.

It's beautiful.

The DIY kit includes:

  • Complete components of one 38mm Expedition series mechanical watch 

    Watch Case: DWC Expedition series 38mm 316L stainless steel case (Sapphire Crystal) - 10ATM
    Case Back: Exhibition case back (Mineral Crystal)
    Movement Holder: Movement holder for TMI NH Series
    Watch Crown:
    Standard expedition watch crown with logo (Stem pre-assembled for TMI NH Series)
    Watch dial: DWC D04 GMT Dial with metal applied indices
    Hands: Silver Diver Hands with Japan BGW9 Superlume (TMI NH Series) 
    Red GMT hand (24 hours hand) with C2 lume
    Movement: TMI NH34 GMT movement by Seiko


    DIY Watch Club FKM Rubber Watch Band - Black

    *Lug size 20mm

  • Watchmaking tool options:
    • Basic tools with Cardboard toolbox

    • DWC professional watchmaker tools with Box upgrade

    • No tools - for those who already have watch repair tools. Please make sure you have hand removal tools and hand-setting tools (usually not included in watch repair kits)
  • Complete video instructions  (3 Languages - English, Cantonese and Mandarin) 

Time required:120~ mins (Simply enjoy the watchmaking process at your own pace)

Mod potential:★★★★ (movement, dial, hands, and chapter ring compatible with DWC diver watches)

Challenging Level : ★★★★


DIY Watch Club - Watchmaking tool - Profession Tools box set

This is our Pro Tool Kit, a DWC in-house design from top to bottom. This is a lot more than a mere step up from standard Amazon watch-making tools; it is a collection of tools we designed and crafted to give you the best watchmaking experience possible.

And in watchmaking, just like many other crafts, the quality of the tools does affect the quality of the outcome.

Learn more about it here: What Makes a Good Watchmaking Tool


This dive watch is partially compatible with Seiko Mods. For detail please check out our blog post here:

Modding suggestions:

DIY WATCH CLUB - Gun Silver custom rotor for NH72 seiko movement

A Seiko made original rotor with Côtes de Genève finish, customized by us. A perfect icing on the cake for the watch you assembled yourself or a mod you are proud of. Best paired with an exhibition case back. Design your custom rotor