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D02 Dial & Hands Bundle - Brown Fume Dial for TMI NH35
Brown fume dial for Seiko mod
Brown sunray dial for seiko mod (lume shot)

D02 Dial & Hands Bundle - Brown Fume Dial for TMI NH35

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Upgrade your dive watch with one of the dials that have the highest requirement of craftsmanship. We have included the hands in this pack so you can have consistent lume colors.


Fume dial and handsets bundle for DWC Divers (BGW9 lume)

Watch dial:

DWC D02 Brown Fume Dial with Date Window (TMI NH Series). BGW9 (white body, blue glow) Japan Superlume

Diameter: 28.5mm, Dial feet for TMI NH series, calendar opening for TMI NH35


Diver Hands with BGW9 (white body, blue glow) Japan Superlume (TMI NH Series)

Hand length (Hr, Min, Sec): 9X13X13mm


This dial is compatible with all DWC-DXX divers and DWC-EXX Expedition watches utilizing TMI-NH movements.


Compatible with 3 o'clock crown mods for Seiko SKX and 5KX (SRPDXXX)